Partnership Overview

The Nova Collective and Unboxed Training and Technology are teaming up to help organizations transform their culture and achieve meaningful change through powerful learning experiences.

Sourcing and deploying high-quality, effective eLearning content for your team can be tough. Finding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training on a stellar online learning platform is even harder—but not impossible. 

Are you looking for a way to spearhead diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

  • Do you want to provide your teams with powerful and effective diversity and inclusion training?
  • Enter the new partnership between The Nova Collective and Unboxed Training & Technology.

These two powerhouses have joined forces to each do what they do best. The goal of this partnership is to help spark transformation in your organization’s culture, especially when it comes to diversity and inclusion training in the workplace. 

The common thread in this partnership is each group’s focus on their clients’ unique identities. Both solutions are learner-centric: they provide thoughtful, structured content on a reliable and personalized eLearning platform.

Key Partnership Benefits

Continuous Learning

The power of Spoke®+ Compass eLearning enables organizations to deliver an elevated D&I learning experience that integrates foundational knowledge acquisition with practice scenarios allowing teams to embed continuous learning at scale. 

Practice & Application

Spoke intuitively drives learners from one bite-sized Compass module to the next through intelligent, action-oriented recommendations tracking progress and measuring learning along the way. To develop consistent behaviors, learners practice and apply skills through video coaching simulations and engage in collaborative discussion in the community. 

Simulations and Coaching

  • Custom practice simulations  and coaching flows are included in platform implementation
  • Learner/Management relationships are assigned in the platform to support coaching conversations and workflows to practice skills and embed behaviors 
  • Immediately connect learners in a group discussion through optional community topics

Easy Lift

Add NOVA's eLearning toolkit to your LMS or Spoke with three easy steps:

  • Step 1: Provide sample module to testing
  • Step 2: Adjust settings, as needed
  • Step 3: Deliver content (via FTP site) and module descriptions

Nova was founded by four women determined to change 'business as usual' in corporate America. With decades of experience in advertising, communications, and diversity & inclusion, the Nova founders brought their unique superpowers together to create an organization that is founded in representation.

Nova is founded on three core principles:

  1. 1.PURPOSE: We want your audiences to connect to your message. Our teams seek to center the Purpose of your organization (not WHAT you do, but WHY you do it) and make a meaningful connection with your workforce.
  2. 2.SCALE: We hate bottlenecks. Nova works to find ways to scale all of our programs and products throughout an organization. Our goal is to find ways for YOU to have more time, resources and impact.
  3. 3.REPRESENTATION: We believe who is in the room matters. Nova staffs all teams with majority women and majority people of color.

D&I Learning that Scales

Compass eLearning Topics (10)

The eLearning package contains 10 self-paced modules that can be incorporated into your LMS, Spoke, or hosted in a separate environment. 

Once purchased, your organization may use the content in-perpetuity.  Topics include:  

  • What is Diversity? What is Inclusion? Let's start at the beginning: We'll uncover the misconceptions of what these concepts mean for individuals within your organization.
  • Impact of D&I To understand the impact we must discover and define how anyone can have an impact on inclusion and belonging within your organization and engage with the goals you are collectively working towards.
  • Race & Ethnicity Building competency around how race and ethnicity show up in the workplace.
  • Multigenerational Workforce Understanding the strengths of different generations and how to harness the power of the total workforce.
  • Gender Develop awareness around gender dynamics and expand beyond the gender binary around multiple topics.
  • Ability Understanding the spectrum of Cognitive, Physical, Sensory, Developmental, and Mental Health abilities and how these abilities might show up in the workplace while challenging ableist norms.
  • LGBTQ+ Baseline understanding for the LGBTQIA+ experience. Challenging assumptions around hetero-normative standards and behaviors in the workplace.
  • Bias Processing the idea of unconscious bias to assist with moving past acknowledging bias and into real behavioral change.
  • Microaggressions Awareness of what microaggressions are and how/why they impact.
  • Global Cultural Competency Understanding practices and values of other cultures that enables employees to work more effectively on global teams.

Spoke Learning Platform

Workforce education and empowerment is our passion.

At Unboxed, our mission is to contribute to the world by creating new ways to educate and empower modern learners.

Our founders built Unboxed to harness the promise of technology and make a better class of professional training solutions. Today, we’re proud of the partnerships we’ve built, the trails we’ve blazed, and the growth we’ve kindled.

Let’s write the next chapter of success together.

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